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Lincoln Day Dinner

Friday, May 18th, 2018

What an outstanding success!

Please return to our site for future events this year!

Herman Cain

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With tax reform, America received a tax reduction to make 2018’s Tax Day a little less difficult. Next year you will get the full tax reduction.

In Your Paycheck!

Your take-home pay has gone up! 

America Gets A Pay Raise!!

Then next year taxes will go down as well!


Because of you, we’ve had great victories!

But we all know that we are in a war in this election of 2018, so now is not the time for us to rest. Democrats are pouring millions of dollars of money outside of Florida into our local elections, but what is their purpose?

As Republicans we have policies and purpose, low taxes along with recovering our liberty and freedom through smaller, less intrusive government.

Yes, WE will make America great again! 

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