Special OCREC Election Meeting December 8th

Dear OCREC Members Present and Future:

The terms of office of all of those of us presently serving on OCREC will end at midnight November 30, 2016. New members who signed up for the 2016-2020 term (which includes most of the present members) begin at 12:01 AM on December 1, 2016. For all the new or returning members, welcome to the new committee for the term Dec 1, 2016-Nov 30, 2020!

According to our constitution, we are required to hold elections for new officers at some point in the month of December for the new committee because all of the old officers’ terms of office also expire midnight Nov 30.

We will hold the organizational/elections meeting at Marks Street Senior Center at 6:45-8:00 PM on Thursday, December 8, 2016. We will combine this meeting with a special presentation by some wonderful young people, and also with our annual Christmas party!

After the presentation and before the party begins, we will hold elections. The following officers will be elected for the term December 8, 2016-November 30, 2018 (OCREC precinct committeepersons serve 4 years terms, but OCREC officers only serve 2 year terms):

Asst Treasurer
Asst Secretary

Any OCREC member may run for any office. Nominations are from the floor and may come from any member, including a member actually running (yes you can nominate yourself). Seconds are not required. There is no nominating committee, no advance notice is required, and no one needs permission from anyone to run.

Candidates for Chairman may have 7 minutes total to make a presentation/speech, which may consist of remarks by the candidate and any number of other OCREC members who wish to offer support or nomination remarks or “seconds” (even though a second is not required), at the candidate’s discretion. You must be an OCREC member to speak. All other officers will have 4 minutes each total to use as they wish in the same manner.

The vote will be by secret ballot, counted in the presence of all candidates’ representatives A majority is required to win. If there are more than 2 candidates and none gets 50% + 1, then there will be a runoff between the top 2.

Any part of the election process not addressed above will be governed by Roberts Rules of Order.

Any potential candidates who might wish to run may contact OCREC HQ to get a copy of the addresses and phone numbers of the OCREC membership free of charge. We will not supply e-mail addresses to candidates (we do not give out e-mails to ANYONE), but we will forward one campaign announcement per candidate to the membership on your behalf. Please try to send before Dec 1 as the HQ may be moving then. Also, please be reasonably civil. 🙂

After the election, we will have a terrific Christmas Party!

There is much to be happy about this year. Orange County residents have Republican control of the executive and legislative branches AT EVERY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT. Consider: Orange County has a Republican Mayor and Commission. Florida has a Republican Governor, Senate and House. America has a Republican President, Senate and House. Imagine that. Just imagine it. It shouldn’t be hard to celebrate!

See you all December 8!

Lew Oliver

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