Republican Christmas Paper

Let’s get this party started

Dear OCREC Members:

Just a friendly reminder about our 2014 Organizational/Elections Meeting and Annual Christmas Party!

The meeting and party will be at Marks St Senior Center (normal place) at 6:30 PM (normal time)

on Thursday December 11 (the Thursday day of the week is normal, but this is the SECOND Thursday rather than our normal FOURTH Thursday, which happens to be Christmas Day!). At the organizational meeting, we will hold elections for officers to lead us through the Presidential Election in 2016, and not much else.

Then we will have our Christmas Party! As part of the party, your Board voted to support a local deserving charity, Harbor House of Central Florida. This is a home and shelter for battered wives and their minor children. Often, the women have no money and cannot afford to provide gifts for their kids in what is already a truly dreadful situation. Consequently, we are going to be donating UNWRAPPED gifts for the children there. We would be very grateful if our members could bring a gift for a child aged 5- 9 or a child under age 4. If you are able to bring a gift, we would be grateful if you could tell us via e-mail which category (child under age 4, or age 5-9) , so we can fill in the gaps!

Finally, we are asking that members bring along a covered side dish or “special” dip/chips or holiday snack or dessert treat, etc. OCREC will be supplying yummy meats and drinks and fixins, but we’d love to sample your favorite recipes as well!

Looking forward to seeing you next week!