Greeting Friends,
We need your support for the General Election, November 8! The Wimbish Campaign is now in full swing to win the General Election. Calvin says, “It’s time to fight for our nation, our freedoms, and our conservative values. We cannot afford to send another weak leader to Washington. I’ve always been a fighter and won’t stop now.”

Please ask your family, friends, and neighbors to help us in the next 70+ days. Here are some of things that you can do:

  • Donate online:
  • Volunteer: Doorbell, make calls, yard signs, sign wave
  • Sign Up: Precinct Committee Outreach leader (PCO)
  • Contact: Katie Dunagan, Grassroot coordinator, to let her know what you can do to help Calvin win District 10.
  • Call: 407-578-4378
  • E-Mail below

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