As a political organization, our purpose is to uphold the blessings of liberty, equality, and justice on which the Republican Party and the government are founded, in accordance with the Constitution of the United States and the State of Florida.

The purpose and responsibility of the Committee is to:

  • Promote the Republican Party at a local level through community outreach efforts
  • Inform the electorate through political education
  • Secure and encourage qualified candidates for public office
  • Increase overall Republican registration
  • Support, encourage, and coordinate Republican organizations in Orange County

3 Comments on “About OCREC

  1. Hello. I’m wondering if you know if/when Marco Rubio will be campaigning in Orlando? I’m really interested in hearing him speak, but am having trouble finding a campaign schedule for him. I appreciate your help.


  2. As a courtesy, I’m responding to let you know that you have posted this comment in Orange County Florida’s Republican party page. I am imagine you’re looking for Orange County California.

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