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What does it mean to be a Republican?

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Why does it matter?

Being active in the Republican Party is both a duty and a privilege. It is common to say a single individual cannot make a difference, but American history is filled with countless examples where single individuals changed the course of history. You never know what door knock or phone call or visit to the polling place will change the course of history. You cannot afford to take the risk!

What do we do?

Our job is serve as the eyes and ears and feet and mouth of the Republican Party and its candidates. We get to know our communities so we can organize them, recruit them to assist, answer their questions, and transmit their concerns. Most importantly, we urge our neighbors to VOTE. Nothing we do is more important than canvassing by door and phone to ask individual Republicans to PROMISE us that they will vote.

What can I change?

You can change EVERYTHING. Even if we are only talking about a tiny city council race, the Republican that wins that race may eventually become the leader of the free world, so every step in the process matters.

What is the proof that our work matters?

In Florida, in the 2000 presidential election, the fate of the history of the world came down to just 537 votes. If just 269 voters STATEWIDE had changes their minds, the world would be a far different place today. Orange County’s share of that 269 would have been just 16 voters. SIXTEEN! You could squeeze 16 people in a big van. That’s less than one vote in every DOZEN precincts. ONE volunteer could easily account for 16 votes with little or no effort. Combine those little efforts by thousands or tens of thousands and you move a world. But it could have been JUST YOU.