2022 Election Night
The OCREC Leadership Team (December 15, 2022) LEFT to RIGHT: Brian Henley (Assistant Treasurer), Wade Bailey (Treasurer), Debbie Galvin (State Committeewoman), Erin Huntley (Chairman), Wendy Nissan (Vice Chairman), Kevin Kelly (Secretary), Tracy Main (Assistant Secretary), John Ashton (Executive Director) NOT PICTURED: Rich Crotty (State Committeeman)

The Orange County Republican Executive Committee is a volunteer organization comprised of hundreds of registered Republicans elected to represent, recruit and organize their County Precinct Republicans. Our elected board is comprised of:

Chair – Erin Huntley
Vice-Chair – Wendy Nissan
Secretary – Kevin Kelly
Treasurer – Wade Bailey
Assistant Secretary and Membership Committee Chair – Tracy Main
Assistant Treasurer – Brian Henley assistanttreasurer@ocrec.org
Executive Director – John Ashton
State Committeeman – Richard Crotty statecommitteeman@ocrec.org
State Committeewoman – Debbie Galvin statecommitteewoman@ocrec.org

(Updated 12/30/2022)