2015 Lincoln Day Dinner with Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul was the Keynote speaker at the 2015 Orange County (FL) Republican Executive Committee Dinner in Orlando. This private recording below is a bit fuzzy to view, but the senator's message is clear. OCREC is operated by donated funds. Getting messages out like the Senator's takes money, the work of volunteers, and the [...]

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2014 Elections Meeting & Christmas Party

Let's get this party started Dear OCREC Members: Just a friendly reminder about our 2014 Organizational/Elections Meeting and Annual Christmas Party! The meeting and party will be at Marks St Senior Center (normal place) at 6:30 PM (normal time) on Thursday December 11 (the Thursday day of the week is normal, but this [...]

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Election 2014, A Historic Victory, Thanks to You

Dear OCREC Members and Friends: Politics is a game of wins and losses. Sometimes you get pounded hard, but every now and then you get to experience a night where just about everything goes right. Thanks at least in part to your hard work, this is one of those nights. Not only did the GOP [...]

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