You are one step further to advertising your event to a larger audience! receives thousands of unique visitors a month. Our calendar not only enables social media posts, it also enables your event to be added directly into the visitor’s calendar to remind them to attend. Here are some helpful guidelines to follow when submitting an event.

  1. Your event must entice a local Republican audience. Sorry, no “Respect my Cat’s Pronouns” rallies or trainings on 150 ways to encourage government to take from your neighbor.
  2. Event submissions will be evaluated on adherence to Step 1 and data completion.
  3. Give your event a PITHY title. Save the complete description for the description, not the title.
  4. When is the event? (Date, Start time and duration). If it is a recurring event let us know the frequency (eg. fourth xyzday of the every month).
  5. Provide a detailed promotion of your event. Are there costs? Are there directions for parking? Should guests be prepared to purchase a meal?
  6. Are the any restrictions for attendance? Children allowed? Non-republican adults? Non-republican adults who behave like children?
  7. Is there a link to purchase tickets or RSVP we should include?
  8. Who is the sponsoring/organizing organization of the event? Do they have a website? Phone number? address? Who is the contact person (we done publish this, but it helpful to us)
  9. Provide a host business name (if applicable) and address. This is where your event is taking place. Do they have a website? Phone number?
  10. Provide an image. DONT SKIP THIS! A 250X250 image will accompany your event when it appears in our timeline and with social media shares. It could be the campaign or organization logo or something tailored to the specific event.

Now, after collecting all of this information  complete the event submission/revision form by clicking here.

Please remember the event post will not be immediate and not all events can be included in our calendar. For example, we would not want to send our members to sign wave for a candidate at the same time we have a mandatory organizational meeting scheduled.

Once you have your event posted, you are not finished. If you have date/venue/price… changes, don’t forget to update us using the same form at